Cadenza Podcast | 010 - Felipe Venegas

Der wöchentliche Cadenza Podcast, den werden wir hier natürlich nicht vergessen, denn inzwischen muss man sagen ist es Cadanza tatsächlich gelungen den wöchentlichen Podcast im Fokus zu halten. Nummer 10 kommt von Felipe Venegas und ist so wie man sich einen Cadenza Podcast vorstellt, reich an Percussions, treibend und deep.

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Cadenza Podcast | 010 - Felipe Venegas
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Cadenza Music Podcast
Cycle  & Source 010 compiled & mixed by Felipe Venegas

Felipe Venegas has cemented his reputation as one of Chile’s finest DJs and producers. Now the 30-year-old joins the Cadenza family on its mission to ignite the dancefloors of Europe and beyond.
Felipe studied classical music and theory at university in Santiago, but his true musical education took place outside the classroom, in clubs where the likes of Luciano, Dandy Jack, DJ Adrian and Ricardo Villalobos were creating a new culture of sound. Felipe spent his weeks studying Beethoven and Stravinsky. But at the weekends he escaped to the underground electronic music scene, soaking up the spirit of techno, house and acid. Before that, he learned the essential relationship between music and movement from his dancer father, who taught him the timeless rhythms of salsa and rumba.

Phrasis Veteris - Disciples Of Music, All in Black 005
Dj W!ld - Lick It - Luna Records
Shlomi Aber - who said that
Hanfry Martinez and Drummer - Just Dance
Phrasis Veteris - Wandance, All in black 005
Dj Sneak - Sur america, Cross Section
Phrasis Veteris - Valahia, All in Black 005
Dj W!ld - Les Abeilles Cariocas - Luna Records
Felipe Venegas - Skip not- Melisma Records
Mirko Loko - Girl on Acid - Cadenza Lab
Leo Jefferson - Alolayon, Juan Matus Mix, Drumma Records 004

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Released by: Cadenza Music
Release date: Mar 7, 2012

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