Cadenza Podcast | 025 - Felipe Valenzuela

Felipe Valenzuela aus Chile ist der nächste in der Reihe der Cadenza Podcast, jazzig, sehr ruhig aber immernoch Cadenza-Latino Sound was uns hier geboten wird.

Stil: Deep House, Tech House

Cadenza Podcast | 025 - Felipe Valenzuela

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Chilean producer and DJ Felipe Valenzuela takes over the controls of Cadenza's Source To Cycle podcast this week. Valenzuela runs Melisma Recordings with fellow Cadenza artist Dani Casarano.
The pair often collaborate together. In February they dropped the magnificent Hole In The Middle EP on Cadenza alongside Demian Muller. The EP is a great example of the kind of groovy house and techno Valenzuela likes to fool around with - the lead track 'Hole In The Middle' was a delightful piano house workout and became something of a hit in the underground.
Here on his Cycle, Valenzuela layers gentle piano jams with deep absorbing house, funky disco-influenced beats, bubbly minimal-laced techno, and tribal rhythms. There are tracks from Audio Werner, NoiDoi, Cristi Cons, Mike Shannon, Funk E, Rhadoo, and Valentino Kanzyani.
Valenzuela's Source mix is a very personal journey through the likes of John Coltrane, Talking Heads, David Bowie, Rush, Peter Gabriel, INXS, Depeche Mode, and Radiohead.

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