Cadenza Podcast | 023 - Argenis Brito

Argenis Brito in Venezuela geboren lebt inzwischen in Berlin. Sein Podcast für Cadenza kann man wirklich als qualitativ hochwertig sehen.
Cycle besteht zum Beispiel komplett aus den eigenen Tracks und Remixen. Während sein Source Mix gefüllt ist mit Klassikern aus der Welt des Electronica wie Ultramarine, Sieg uber die Sonne, Jamie Lidell, Mouse on Mars und Telefon Tel Aviv.

Stil: Tech House, Minimal Tech 

Cadenza Podcast | 023 - Argenis Brito
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Tracklist Cycle and Source:

Cadenza Podcast | 023 - Argenis Brito
A pioneer of Latin American-inspired electronic rhythms, Argenis Brito is one of Venezuela's most accomplished musicians and producers. Having worked with some of the continent's most exciting electronic music minds including Uwe Schmidt/Señor Coconut, Ricardo Villalobos (check 2011's Peculiar on Sei Es Drum), and Gonzalo Martinez, Brito's work crosses a spectrum of influences that includes Latin, dub, house, techno and electronic experimentalism.
There's no question that Brito's sound fits perfectly with the Cadenza aesthetic. As can be heard on his Source To Cycle podcast, his grooves are filled with intricate polyrhythms, experimental beats, and delicious moments of melody. And of course, his music absolutely drips with South American soul.
Amazingly, Argenis Brito's Cycle mix is built entirely out of his own productions or remixes, and as a result there's a real intelligence and freshness to the flow - it feels like you're listening to a story unfold: one that has multiple twists and multiple plot changes. It is so very different and unique, and it hooks you from the very first beat. Warped vocals, funky basslines, off-beat percussion, free flowing house and stripped back techno, South American sounds and futuristic Kraftwerk-esque moments, his Cycle mix is a standalone work of Argenis Brito art, and you should feel very lucky to get your hands on it.
Argenis Brito's Source mix features, as might be expected, a diverse range of music, from Ultramarine to Sieg uber die Sonne, Jamie Lidell, Mouse on Mars, and Telefon Tel Aviv.
A quick note: this year is set to be a huge one for Argenis Brito with a new Mambotur album on the horizon (Mambotur is Argenis Brito and Pier Bucci's amazing 'Latino-tronics' side project), a new Los Refrescos album, and a new solo album all due out in 2012. He also has upcoming collaborations with Dinky, Mike Shannon, David Delgado and Ricardo Villalobos planned. It's great to see him so prolific in the studio.

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