Live - Podcast #001 - Acidfactory

Lange hat es gedauert bis von Acidfactory eigene Sachen kamen, was sich verändert hat? Es klingt alles in allem reifer, abgerundeter und frisch. Vielleicht war die kleine Pause für die drei Herren ein kreativitäter Schub.

Acidfactory Live - Podcast #001  recorded: 21.12.2011 


Acidfactory Live - Podcast #001 21.12.2011 by acidfactory

For a long time now, the trio consisting of Skob, Scat and Wasser have been making music together as Acidfactory.
Every facet of their music is unmistakably melodic. It's where a deep bassline meets a tight beat, where trashy tones, full of rhythmic breaks and clear cuts, bring you great nights in the club, on sunny meadows or under clear night skies.
Their style has always been characterized by experimenting and new interpretations of their own music. Danceable harmony is their element.

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