Cadenza Podcast | 028 - Michel Cleis

Michel Cleis produzierte mit La Mezcla und Litoral, zwei der größten Hits die auf Cadenza erschienen sind, da ist es auch klar, dass er in die Reihe des Cadenza Podcasts gehört und dann mixt er auch noch so einen ausgefallenen. Sehr schöner Mix aus der Cadenza Reihe.

Stil: Tech House

Cadenza Podcast | 028 - Michel Cleis

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Michel Cleis, the production genius behind Cadenza hits such as La Mezcla and Litoral has put together this week's Source To Cycle podcast.
Michel Cleis is an important part of the Cadenza family, and the Swiss producer and DJ is known for his exotic grooves, and warm and sunny deep house. Here on his Cycle mix, Michel Cleis guides us through many different moods and dance tones that carry plenty of light and happy feelings.
Beginning with nu funk and summer rhythms, the mix turns into melancholic chill out, before heading into housier territory. There are plenty of vocals and glorious melodies along the way, as well as some 1980's inspired synths and funky moments. Classic house, drum heavy techno, and dubby textures also appear in the flow.
In the end, it's hard to find a tangible thread to his Cycle mix, so vast is its influences.
Cleis' Source is similarly mosaic. Just kick back, relax, and enjoy all of its many colours and stories.

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